Empower Clinics Bend
Using Empower Clinics is as easy as one, two, three.
Access to doctors when you want and how long you want
anywhere in the United States
Step 1
Register for free
Setting up your Empower account typically takes less than 10 minutes. Once created, schedule time with doctors when is right for you.
Step 2
Schedule a doctor
Search our directory of board-certified doctors and choose the one that is right for you. Patients can wait in the waiting room or schedule an appointment when it is more convenient.
Step 3
Start your visit
Speak with your doctor on the phone or online. Learn more about medical cannabis, best practices for your symptoms, or where to buy and what to ask for.


Telemedicine allows Empower patients and Empower doctors to discuss, evaluate, diagnose and treat conditions without the need for an in clinic visit.  As telecommunications technology advances, access to cannabis information will become increasingly available.

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