We’re excited to announce our brand new clinic in Chicago, Illinois! With Chicago’s governor’s, Bruce Rauner, most recent legislation around medical marijuana, we were excited to be able to move to such an amazing and vibrant community. This new law allows for more access and an easier process for patients to obtain medical marijuana cards.

Chicago Empower Clinics

Our brand new clinic in Chicago.

Our belief has always been to put the patient first. With our clinic in Chicago, we want to work with patients in focusing on their healing and how medical marijuana can be incorporated into their treatment plan. Our doctor on staff, Dr. Glenn Harrison, is adamant on empowering people with personalized regimens, focusing on individual healing paths and improving their health.

We are also excited about our work within the Veteran community. Over the next few weeks, we plan to offer assistance to local Veterans who qualify for a medical marijuana card. From working with the VA office to obtain records to submitting for their cards, we will be making this process easy and accessible for Veterans seeking alternative treatments for PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

We currently have patient openings throughout October and November. To make an appointment, please call 888-EMPOWER. Empower Clinics – Chicago is located at 160 N. Wacker Dr.

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