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With 2020 Audit Complete, Empower Clinics CEO Steve McAuley Sees Big Growth For Operations, US Expansion, Market Cap & Uplisting

With $US 3.2M in 2020 revenue, representing a 58% increase over the previous year, you would think Empower Clinics CEO Steve McAuley would use his first interview after the filing to celebrate. He isn't. Rather, with Fiscal 2020 having come to end more than 6 months ago, the 2020 results are a distant rear view mirror shot of a Company that is in full-blown growth mode and can be best summarized as follows: "Multiple opportunities have been percolating and I'm going to turn up the heat" To...

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Empower Clinics: New COVID-19 Testing Products

Providing body and mind wellness for over 200,000 patients Empower provides body and mind wellness for more than 200,000 patients through its clinics in the United States & Canada, a telemedicine platform and a world-class medical diagnostics laboratory in Texas. Supported by an experienced leadership team, Empower is also aggressively growing its clinical and digital presence across the US and Canada. Its Health & Wellness...

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Empower Clinics sees large increase in patient count in Q1 rising by 460%

Empower Clinics (CSE: CBDT- OTCQB: EPWCF) CEO Steven McAuley joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide 1st quarter patient count numbers. McAuley saying the numbers increased by 460% in Q1 2021 versus Q1 2020. In fact, Patient counts for the month of March increased by 388% versus the same period in 2020 with total patient counts of 8,379 in March 2021 compared to 2,160 in March 2020.

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