23 05, 2018

Evelyn Kochanowski

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Dr. Evelyn Kochanowski Evelyn has been a RN for 45 yrs. She worked in hospital, clinic and the private home settings, practicing home health, hospice, and post-op nursing. She also

23 05, 2018

Dr. David Lemmon

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Dr. David Lemmon is a Naturopathic Physician with expertise in natural, nutritional, and plant-based medicine. He received his Doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland,

23 05, 2018

Dr. David Dodge

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Dr. Dodge is a retired pathologist and nuclear medicine doctor in Portland, Oregon. He received his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and

23 05, 2018

Dr. Shaun Hedmann

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Dr. Hedmann completed his medical training at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore MD, Baylor in Houston TX and Brown University in Providence RI and before accepting a position with

23 05, 2018

Dr. Leora Britvan

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Dr. Britvan is a board certified internal medicine physician. She studied medicine at University of Southern California Medical School and trained at Harbor- UCLA for internal medicine.  Most

23 05, 2018

Dr. Jack McCue

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DR. JACK MCCUE, MD. FACP AGSF A graduate of Harvard University and Case Western Reserve University Schools of Medicine, Dr. McCue did his residency training at Johns Hopkins

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