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Empower Clinics operates a network of physician-staffed medical cannabis healthcare clinics focused on helping patients improve and protect their health. Our mission is centered around physician-guided treatment for the relief of chemo-therapy side-effects, seizures, PTSD, and a multitude of chronic pain conditions.

About Empower

More Locations To Better Serve Our Patients

Empower Clinics continues to expand our medical cannabis healthcare network now covering 3 states, Washington, Oregon and Illinois.As the pioneer in patient-led cannabis healthcare, patients can choose from over 40 monthly cannabis clinics across the US.

The Empower Difference

Licensed Doctors

Every Empower patient meets with a licensed medical doctor to create a medical cannabis healthcare plan tailored to achieve your desired results.

Patient Trusted

Empower Clinics has helped over 123,000 patients with symptom management and state-defined medical cannabis qualification.

Growing Network

With over 40 monthly clinics in 3 states, Empower operates one of the largest medical cannabis healthcare clinic networks in the US.


Quick And Easy Appointments

State of the art scheduling allows our patients access to doctors without the wait associated with traditional healthcare.



Sollievo CBD Products

Sollievo is our line of high quality CBD oils, lotions, and tinctures specially formulated to support a healthy lifestyle.

Cancer Treatments

The use of medical cannabis has been shown to help ease some of the side effects that result from a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Opioids And Pain Management

Cannabis is being more generally accepted as a less risky alternative to pain management than opiates, as far as likelihood of dependency.



CBD, a compound found in cannabis, is showing promising results as a treatment of PTSD and other anxiety related psychiatric diseases.